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Why do we manufacture bike pants to measure?

Bike pants must fit perfectly, be comfortable and durable, especially if you ride long distances. We have made it our task to produce bike pants according your measurements and individual requirements. You select your favourite model from a wide range of basic cuts, we adapt the design of your preferred model exactly to your leg length and your legs, hips and waist circumference. Thus, the bike pants are not too tight with strong legs, with long legs not too short, and fit perfectly on the hips and waist.

You can chose from 5 different fabrics of high quality and developed especially for bike pants the one that is the most suitable for your purpose. In addition, we offer you a variety of pads that we have developed in collaboration with a specialist for cycling pads. You chose the pad that is ideal for you and we sew it in your bike pants. At the end you will receive a unique exclusive and durable bike pant made according to your wishes and ideas.